Friday, November 13, 2009

How Time Flies...

My parents and brother, sis-in-law and nephew are in GA for a family conference and some fellowship with friends. Charles is at home sanding and getting ready to finish the hardwood floors in our bedroom. Because of the dust and smell of the chemicals and such we've moved into mom and dad's for a couple of nights.

The kids (besides Julia) are still having a hard time going to sleep in a strange place, I can still hear them tossing in the room down the hall and it's 10pm! Maybe they'll sleep in tomorrow?! :) I have a bazillion projects I should be working on but instead I'm looking through pics on my parent's computer. ;)

I found these of Julia with her Uncle Will and I am just amazed at how much difference 4 months makes! (Oh, and my parent's computer will not let me move pictures - they uploaded backwards of what I wanted - or let me put text above the top photo - blah!)

She is about 3 weeks old in the bottom pictures and then about a week shy of 5 months in the top pictures. I just love my little girl and am so thankful for her. :) And I love seeing my brother love on the babies...he does tend to like the smaller ones, once they reach a little bit older he can get a bit irritated by them, lol! Rush is almost 8 now so Will has kind of forgotten what it's like to have little kids in the house. Doesn't he know what I put up with?! Hehe! :)

Hope you all are having a lovely Friday evening with your families. ♥


  1. soooo cute! I am always amazed at how much they grow and change week to week usually:-)

  2. I found you :)) It's Jen. Thanks for the spelling lesson it really help.. Ha!

    Hope it's okay to stalk.. ahem.. FOLLOW you and your journey. I appreciate your family and inspiration so much!

    God bless you! Jen