Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Miss Curly

The masking tape was to do "surgery" on a china doll that had a broken leg. ;) I pulled out the camera to snap of few pics of her hair...when she's fresh out of the bath tub it's just sooo perfectly curly! Well, she decided to peek at me. :)

My baby who had no hair...

...now such pretty little boingy (is that a word!) curls. :)

And therefore she is Little Miss Curly. :)

But like I said, it looks the best right after a bath. After life and stuff it gets a bit more fuzzified like her Mommy, therefore Daddy calls her...Fuzzalina von Curlytop. ;)

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  1. aw...love her blond ringlets! Maybe our little girl will have curly hair too. :-) Love the background....it looks great!
    love, Morganne:-)

  2. I love her curly hair!! Looks like it fits her personality really well too.
    I like your new background.... super cute!

  3. I love the new blog look, so fun!! :)

    The pictures of Charis are quite adorable - just gotta love her super curly hair. :)

    Thanks for posting, it's fun to see pictures from home. :)