Saturday, July 19, 2008

Old Pics

The Sunday after July 4th we all dressed patriotic for church. After the evening service I tried to grab a shot of the children together. They were not cooperative!

I wasn't able to get one shot where they were all looking. :)

At me at least, although Caleb was doing a pretty good job even while he was holding on to Mercy who was trying so hard to get down. :)

Charis has been enjoying getting good use out of her umbrella, especially on Sunday afternoons when it's been pouring.

Mercy was much happier when we got home from church. She is so happy with herself that she can crawl over to furniture and pull up. Once she's up she does this happy, bouncy jig thing and wants to let go. Agh!


  1. aw...what cuties in their 4th attire. :-) Mercy is growing so fast! Don't they all though?

  2. they're so cute!! and I had to miss that Sunday - ah well :) I love the patriotic outfits!!