Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back in May...

yeah, I know, I've been a delinquent blogger. :) Well, anyways, back in May we went to the zoo because Charis and Luke had their 3rd birthdays.

We saw some neat aminals (does anyone else's children pronounce it that way?!). :)

They have a stingray exhibit now and we went to "pet" them. They were slimey so I only touched it once. ;)

When Caleb touched one it jumped out of the water and splashed!

Then we had a special treat of a birthday train ride, thank you Luke!

The children were more excited about riding the train than seeing the animals...

My husband just enjoyed seeing the many species of Carrier equipment while on the train ride. ;)

These guys just cracked me up!

Simple things for simple minds... :)

My little flamingo children, can you stand on one foot?

They have beautiful landscaping at the zoo and these roses were so pretty.


  1. fun, fun!!

    What about the zoo trip in June with the Crane boys?? Surely you have pictures from then as well! :)

  2. aw...looks like fun! I agree that the stingrays are tooo slimey:-) Yuck! ~Morganne;-)