Saturday, May 17, 2008

First Beach Trip

Two weekends ago we went to to the beach for the first time this year and so it made it Mercy's very first time! She said, "Who is blowing in my face?"

Getting a feel for the water...

Mercy says, "I think I like this place!"

Going to the water...

...and running back again! :)

Mercy hanging out with Daddy.

Mercy says, "Oh boy! Sand!"

It was everthing I could do to try and keep her from not continually eating the sand, she seemed to think it tasted great! :)

Trying to get a picture of the threesome...

...can't hardly ever get everyone to look.

But they're still cute anyway. ;)

"I like the bucket."

Making sandcastles with Daddy.

Daddy buried our feet, what fun!

All in all we maybe stayed for an hour but the children had such a good time. Last year Charis was freaked out by the water touching her toes but this year she kept grabbing our hands and screaming, "Let's go do it AGAIN, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!" :)


  1. what fun!! makes me want to go. :) Were there many people at this time of year? The beach is such an amazing part of God's creation. Thank you for sharing all the picture - Mercy is so cute and I love all the bright swimsuit colors!!

    Ruth Ann

  2. adorable family! I love the beach too! It can be fun times. Especially when you can find an "off" day and there aren't so many people there. Good times!

  3. Looks like so much fun. I can't wait to go to the beach this year. The children have so much fun there, and I love it too of course.