Monday, May 19, 2008


So I've finally remembered to write down some of the things Caleb & Charis have been saying lately. They have been giving me quite a few chuckles. :)

We turned on _God of the Atom_ a Moody Science Video last week, it's opening scene is a huge nuclear explosion. Caleb says, "WHOA!!! What an abomination!!" - meaning explosion ;)

For Charis' 3rd birthday last week I bought her some baby pink nail polish to do her toes with. So later in the week we had just finished taking off the old polish and putting on the new when our uniform guy for the company showed up to get the dirty clothes. Only this week it was a new guy we hadn't ever seen before. That didn't faze Charis a bit, she ran straight outside and held up her foot and proudly announced that she had just gotten her toes painted pink!

We've been on a few walks at the beach earlier this year, since we couldn't swim I was trying to teach the children how to look for sharks teeth. We've been quite unsuccessful at it though but Nama is a pro! When we went for our first swimming beach trip Caleb immediately ran to the sand and picked up the first little black shell he found. He then ran back to me and said, "Mommy look, a tooth pick!!" - meaning sharks tooth :)

I was reading stories to Caleb on the couch this morning and Charis was across the room (sitting in the baby swing *grin*). While Caleb was snuggled up against me I said to him, "Are you momma's sweet boy?" Charis piped up from the swing and said, "And I'm momma's sweet girl and Daddy, he's a sweet boy too. " ;)

We went and visited the Pappas' last weekend and when we pulled up to the house Brother Chris was outside. I told Caleb to go say hello, so he started walking towards him then he turned around and ran back to me and said, "Mommy, that's not Brother Chris, that guy has a hat on." ;)

Inside the Pappas' living room they have an organ. I can't remember if the children have seen an organ up close before but Charis ran excitedly to me in the other room and said, "Mommy there's two pianos!!" :)

As Brother Chris was talking with the children he started asking Caleb was kinds of food he liked. Well, Caleb kinda told one of my cheat meal secrets and told Brother Chris that sometimes we get two boxes of pizza. (Amy's Organic frozen pizza mind you *grin*) So Brother Chris asked him, "Do you eat both boxes?" Caleb gets this exasperated, rolled eye look on his face and responded, "No! We don't eat the boxes, just the pizza!!" :)

And lastly, we had been discussing our full names again recently and I was saying how Daddy's name was Charles Terrizzi. Caleb piped up and said, "No mommy, his name isn't Charles Terrizzi it's Charles Chase Air!" - since Daddy answers the phone, "This is Charles with Chase Air." ;)

Ahhh, seeing life through a 3 & 4 year olds mind can sometimes be refreshing! :)


  1. how cute!! I'd heard the one about Caleb, pastor & the pizza boxes (*giggles*!)...but enjoyed reading it with your flavor added! :)

    the one about "Charles Chase Air" is so adorable - and quite original!

    2 pianos - how cute! :)

    sounds like y'all had a great time at the Pappas' house! :) fun, fun!

    everything is so cute - you should share more laughs more often. :) (that is, if you remember to write them down first!!)

    Ruth Ann

  2. oh yes - are we going to get to see any of the family pics anytime soon? *hint* *hint* I love all the matching outfits & the colors y'all chose. Caleb & Charis are cute in that picture!

  3. The first one made me laugh out loud... that's so funny. They pick up words from hearing it somewhere, but they don't know quite where to use them.
    I think everyone has days where we need frozen pizza to come to our rescue... I know I do, and I don't do organic either! :)