Friday, May 30, 2008

Family Pics ~ My Siblings

I thought I would post pictures of all my siblings, I can't believe how much they have grown. :)

Amanda Michele 24, with her doggy Jasmine

Thomas Michael 21 & Emily Kay 22, the newlyweds (with??)

"Did I really marry you?!" :) Actually, since Gracie was taking the picture I don't know what the punch line was. ;)

William Wade 16 5/6, gotta be accurate or he'll kill me ;)

Gracie Louise 14 3/4 best laundry helper in the world! :)

Robert Warren 13 in 3 weeks! Direct Mail piece connoisseur :)

Margaret Virginia 11, budding baker :)

Charles Homer Alexander 9 1/2, always ready to lend a helping hand :)

Rosemary Ruth 8, sweet little aunt :)

Rush Hampton 6 1/2, need I say anything? ;)

Have I mentioned that I was either there or actually remember when most of you were born?? Y'all are making me feel soooooooo old! Love you guys! :)


  1. Great pics!!! Sarah and I think that the one of Tom and Em making a funny face at each other is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! And I thought they were too serious. ;) :)

  2. great pictures of everyone!
    Did I catch that right? Are Tom and Emily expecting? Or just wishful thinking?
    Love, Morganne:-)

  3. I love all the pictures!! Mandy's dog is cute with the hairdo and all. :) Thomas and Emily look really sweet together. I loved that you put everyone else's names and ages, as I had no idea who everyone was, much less how old they were now. They're all making me feel really old. I knew who all the girls were but couldn't figure out the younger boys, except Rush. Wasn't Margaret a baby when we met y'all?!!

  4. cute!! I love all the pics.

    Amanda and her dog is very cute. :)

    That first pic of Tom & Emily is very nice - it's a good picture of them both, how sweet!

    I guess all boys are alike because Nathan already says "I'll be 17 next year..." Hey WAIT A MINUTE guy!!

    I'm sure that's nice to have Gracie around...and she loves to help you! :)

    Robert is really growing up. :)

    Margaret is so sweet and such a pretty young lady.

    Charles is trying to catch up with the rest. *grin*

    Rosemary is getting so tall, and looking older all the time. :)

    And Rush is just too cute. I love how he walks in church - his particular stance and his arms swinging - too cute!!

    You have a sweet family, and it is amazing on how fast they grow up. Thanks for sharing all these pictures - it's been great! :)

    Love you!
    Ruth Ann

  5. Susan, No, it was GRACIE that was almost a year when we met y'all!!! Can you believe that?! And Morganne, Yes, T & E are expecting their first the last week of October. :) I'll actually have a nephew or niece, wow, that is, I don't think they'll be having any puppies or kitties. ;)

  6. Oh yeah, it was Gracie... wow, time just flies!