Monday, May 26, 2008

Family Pics ~ The Young Guys

Here are the pics of the handsome young guys.

They were a pretty good looking bunch. :)

All right you guys we are trying to take your picture...

...that's a little better, look this way.

Ahh, we're starting to get some good smiles... (I'm doing bunny ears and all sorts of googy stuff behind Emily's head)

...full smiles!!! This is the result of me goosing Gracie who was standing next to Emily. Gracie probably jumped at least 6". It was pretty good. :) Emily then complained that everyone was looking at Gracie though and not her, I graciously offered to goose her to get the desired smiles in the right direction but she declined...I still can't figure out why. ;)

Brothers, sons, uncles and nephews...special memories!

PS For full family shots the camera was on a tripod and my aunt pushed the button, for the girl shots Tom took the pictures, for the T&E pics Gracie was photographer and for everything else Emily had the camera. :)


  1. Nice Pictures.... handsome little guys.
    Everyone did a great job with taking pictures.
    Another question... :) Did y'all make or find all those matching shirts. They look very nice.

  2. The boys are so cute!! (umm...well, what I really meant to say was "handsome", for their benefit!!!) The pictures turned out really nice and I'm sure you made lots of memories. That's funny about goosing Gracie and everyone looking away. Although I can feel Emily's frustration...ha! How else are you going to get those smiles? Caleb is getting so big and is just the 'next one down' after his young nephews. :) That's so sweet. I really like their shirts as well. (ok, I liked them all....)

    lov you!
    Ruth Ann

  3. Great pictures Jenifer!
    Y'all are really a good looking family. Is that cool that your adding to the family, with Emily and Tom? I thought it was funny when we started adding people to our family. We had stopped growing from within so now we were adding from the outside! haha;-)
    Love, Morganne

  4. Hi Susan, Mom said if we could find them let's buy instead of make since we were pressed for time. I'm normally not much of a shopper anyway but after the what seemed like "bazillion" stores we went to find everything I was pretty burned out on shopping! :)
    The older girls and guys are both St. Johns Bay from JCPenneys, the younger girls we found at Burlington and the younger guys we got on clearance from TCP online! ;)