Sunday, January 6, 2008


We recently went out to visit the Crane family and before we left we got to see their bunnies!
I looked out the window and was able to catch the expression on Charis' face when she looked inside the rabbit hutch and realized what was inside. :)

Sweet baby bunnies
Mrs. Crane said we could hold them,

they sure were soft and cuddly...

and wiggly too...hold tight!

Peter checks one out,

and Timothy,

Samuel wasn't too keen on holding the bunnies though

until he realized they didn't hurt you. :)

Caleb loved getting to see and hold them. He has mentioned before this that he wants a bunny. We started out with a goldfish because I knew the children loved watching animals so much. Well, it didn't stay there. He wanted a dog, daddy fulfilled that by getting one for himself. He wanted a kitty, I told him I wasn't getting him one and he'd have to pray for one. He prayed and a kitty showed up on our porch and adopted us. :) He keeps asking me why we don't have cows, chickens, goats and rabbits. Mommy isn't much of an animal person so I told him we didn't have any more room. ;)

God made such sweet little animals to enjoy...

Thank you Crane's!!!!!


  1. precious! I can't believe how big Travis and Amelia's children havae grown!! I'm not much of an animal person either so...I'm wondering how I'm gonna tell my kids "no" when they ask;-)
    I love Caleb's face in that one picture, he looks so excited! :-)

  2. so, is this what happens when you have children?? I'm not an animal fan either but all of my siblings are. But I guess it'd be hard to resist your children's pleas when they ask so sweetly. :) Baby bunnies are cute, I just wish they'd stay small!!

    Well anyway, thanks for sharing the pictures, they're very sweet! I was wondering when you were going to update! *heehee*

    Ruth Ann

  3. Looks like fun for the kiddies. Tj and I are both not animal people so our children, of course, love animals. So, we let them look at animals in pet stores and at fairs, but no animals for us. Atleast for now! :)

  4. when do we get more updates? After the wedding, I guess?

    Alright *sigh* I'll try to be patient until then! But it's seeming like many forevers.

    Then you should have tons of pics to post - cake, wedding, rehearsal and all those good events!

    Well, I wanted to stick my head in and let you know I'm thinkng about you!

    Ruth Ann