Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just some pictures...

I LOVE pictures! Pictures are fun, pictures are sweet, pictures are memories.

We recently discovered if you put a little bit of bath powder in the tub and turn the jets on it makes a super duper deluxe bubble bath. :)

This has been a special treat for my aching back which, thank the Lord, feels great now! Special thanks to A, for the use of the brace and for all those who prayed for me.

These fingers just taste soooo good...

At Chase Air our phones are always answered by a live person! Daddy has already begun training this member of the family, although, if she answered the phone now I don't think people would be able to understand the language. ;)

Mercy's debut at Uncle Tom's wedding, so pretty. Thanks Aunt Dee for my sweet little bracelet!


  1. Those pics are so cute of Mercy, and I love the one of Mercy at the wedding. Her dress was so pretty, and the bracelet looked really cute on her.

  2. I like your new family picture!! And I love the picture of Mercy at the wedding... she looks beautiful in her dress!
    The picture of Mercy with the head set is just too cute. I love it.

  3. awww, I love the phone picture of Mercy!! Looks like she'll know all the ins and outs by the time she's old enough! ::smile::
    And of course the dresses that Aunt D got for Charis & Mercy are so adorable...that's a cute picture!!

  4. aw...what a sweet little baby girl!
    She is so adorable! of course so are the other two! ;-) Morganne:-)