Wednesday, December 26, 2007

~ Merry Christmas ~

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!
Here is Mercy on Christmas morning celebrating Jesus' birthday for the very 1st time. :)

The kiddos enjoying a special treat of organic m&m's from the bottom of their stockings...on sister's new dishes of course!

New pink and cami slippers too :)

Our little stocking head munchkins ;)

So, I tried to get a picture of the children in front of the Christmas tree. Ha! That was a joke. I wish there was a way to cut and paste the good heads with smiles into one picture!

"Am I really outnumbered 2 to 1?"

Charlotte enjoying Christmas morning...snzzzzzz

My grandmother got to hold Mercy for awhile after Christmas dinner at my parents house

Gigi and Mercy

I'm wondering if she is already teething because she is chewing on her fingers an awful lot

After a diaper change she got to talk to Aunt Dee's two doggies, Rikki and Jazzy. Rikki jumped up and gave her a kiss right on the nose!

With her Nama...they match...aren't they cute?

A big sweet girl at 11½ weeks old....already!

Okay, so I guess I got carried away with the pictures this time. :)
May God bless each of your families as we enter the coming new year!


  1. Hi Jenifer (once again) - awww, Mercy is getting so big, she's adorable!! ::completely so:: There is no mistake that is her - I could probably say she looked like some of you, but she definitely looks like "Mercy". *grin* organic m&ms? Wow, it looks like they're enjoying them! And all boys must like camo...nice warm slippers - yeah! Well I'm glad you had a Merry Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth. I love the pictures, so don't apologize!

    Love you,
    Ruth Ann

  2. oh what I forgot to say is this: that there IS a way to cut heads out and exchange's just a bit time consuming. If you ever want me to try it for you, I will...but cannot guarantee success! (ha!) My first trial ended up interesting, in the form of a Christmas picture "in memory of Joshua." Apparently that one never made it to the Christmas cards! *heehee*

    Well...just wanted to let you know it's possible, but probably not possible for a mother with 3 children! :)

    God bless you!

  3. Hi Ruth Ann,

    I knew picture chopping could be done, thanks to my brothers' mis-use of the talent. ;)ha Just not in a way that I thought would look nice! (Or that I would have the time to do. *bg*) Oh, and the organic m&m's, the main good thing about them is that they don't have any artificial coloring in them. Charles is big on that. :)

  4. Hey Jenifer!
    Your children are adorable! I love seeing all the pictures. Here's my blog
    I loved your christmas card picture! So cute!

  5. Such cute pictures. Mercy seems to be growing up so fast! She's really cute, and so are the other two. Enjoyed getting y'alls Christmas card and pictures. Thanks!

  6. Such sweet photos of the Terrizzi children! I can't believe how big Mercy is getting just in the short time since we last saw her! Thanks for the lovely Christmas card and beautiful family pics, also. Really enjoyed them! Kellen is enjoying pointing everyone out on our fridge :) God Bless, The Garths