Monday, December 10, 2007

Back Blogging??? ;)

I don't know if that is proper english or not but during these months of contemplating a blog quite a few things have happened and such so I thought I would post some of them as well...

Some of you know that back in June a furry, four-legged member joined our family. Her name is Charlotte and she is an English Mastiff.

Here is Caleb with Charlotte when she was 7½ weeks old.

They were VERY excited.

She was also cute...

and curious...

Sitting with her daddy, right after we got her.

Now here she is at 7½ months

To give you a little comparison...

Our little puppy :)

She was 8lbs. when we got her and now she weighs 70+lbs
An average female weighs at least 120lbs!

We'll keep you posted... ;)


  1. Jenifer - I enjoyed seeing the summary of Charlotte's life with the Terrizzi's. She is some HUGE dog. I don't think I love dogs that much. *heehee* But anyhow, that pic of her with hilarious!! It was nice seeing a new post.


  2. Wow, she's huge! The children loved seeing the pictures. :)
    oh and btw, when I'm sometimes bored it doesn't mean I've run out of things to do!! :) But I'm sure life will get really crazy very soon with a new little one.