Thursday, January 3, 2013

A review of 2012

To close out 2012 I had thought it would be neat to do a review of some of the year.
I'm always slow at things and many blogs that I read did the same thing in a more timely manner than I!  I really enjoyed the photo collages a friend did so I decided to go that route.
(Sorry to be a copycat Susan!)

  • Julia sharing her birthday hat & backpack with Isaac
  • Sweet siblings holding hands on our morning walks
  • Isaac is hilarious when he sees beggar weeds on anyone's clothes!  He will not rest until he has picked the very last one off.  :)
  • The 5 monkeys enjoying Isaac being big enough to sit with them at the table for breakfast
  • Showing off their cookie flowers from a school project we did
  • Mercy & Isaac sit beside each other in the truck, they often hold hands and it is so precious!
  • Isaac wanted to help the big kids bring in the trash cans one day
  • Caleb & Isaac playing in a load of rocks that my dad had for a project he was doing
  • Julia having trumpet time with her daddy

  • Julia enjoys holding baby Seri at her baby shower
  • Charis loving on Serenity too
  • The children set up a set of bunnies in their sibling order including a baby girl and boy bunny just in case God gave us another baby  ;)
  • Someone's interesting way of setting the table
  • Charis having fun learning to make a potholder
  • Her finished product!
  • Julia proud of her washrag folding
  • Isaac got a bloody nose from a sibling!
  • Math blocks can make fun creations  :)

  • Isaac at the zoo with Simeon
  • 3 girlies at the zoo
  • Cousins enjoying the penguins at the zoo
  • The old truck is still going strong even after 220,000 miles, thank you God!
  • Samuel walking with Isaac at the zoo
  • The Crane crew with us
  • My 5 little monkeys
  • Do little boys ever look at the camera (or phone?)
  • One of the most oddest eggs I have ever seen

  • Someone's masterpiece!
  • This little guy emptied the silverware drawer into the jug of water on the counter...
  • Zonked out when we practiced sitting for church (he has by far been my most challenging child with this!)
  • Breakfast on the porch one morning 
  • Matching brother jammies
  • Isaac eating his "chicken bone" as the kids call it
  • Sweet napping baby boy
  • Super Isaac scaling the shoe shelf!
  • Daddy was trying out the new (loud) duct cleaning machine so Isaac got some hearing protection  ;)

  • My haircutting helpers...not!
  • Cute little man singing in church
  • So tired one day he fell asleep on the potty
  • Siblings make up fun games!
  • Taking a ride in the clothes basket
  • The day I ate too much turkey on Thanksgiving...errr...I mean, the day we announced the blessing of #6 on the way!  ;)
  • The kiddos promptly made Isaac into a "Baby Jesus" for their manger scene
  • Silly kids helping put up the tree
  • Christmas lights at night

Praying you all had a blessed 2012!

Happy New Year!!
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  1. I loved this!!! It is so neat seeing all these sweet moments!