Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love the 2 yr old

Isaac is completely conversing with us now.  I know all the other kiddos have done it but just hearing those full sentences coming out of his mouth is just.too.cute. I thought I'd record what happened the other day so that I will remember it.

I was on the floor sorting papers for school and Isaac walked up and poured a cup of water on them just because he's 2.  I, with a solemn voice, said, "Isaac."  He didn't miss a beat and said in his cutest little voice, "Charles Terrizzi!"

His full name is Isaac Charles Terrizzi in case you didn't know.  I about died laughing that I must have used his entire name before when he's gotten into trouble (not that that ever happens) and he remembered it!

Two year olds have the cutest accent/language ever.  Although I may have to have him repeat a sentence over and over to get it I love that opportunity.  And whenever we sing hymns at bedtime and he gets to pick it's always "_Amaz-zing Gace!_ Cauze it's my favwit!"


  1. Too cute!
    I've loved listening to a two-year-old's jabber this week...it just has a way of making you smile! =)

  2. That is so very cute!! I would have just cracked up laughing too. :)