Thursday, January 3, 2013

The beach trip that killed the camera...

So way back in April our family took it's first (and what ended up being only) trip to the beach.

We tried out one we had never been to before that you could drive close to the shore and park.

The kiddos had a blast, Isaac loved the sand.  Everywhere you walked though you sunk waaaaay down but Isaac thought the holes were great to look in and apparently crawling like a crab was much more efficient than walking!  ;)

While there we encountered a sand storm and we were literally caught in cloud of sand swarming all around us!

I wanted a group shot so here are our attempts.  Mercy wanted to hold Isaac, he did not want to be held at all and Julia was very upset that she didn't get to hold him.  ;)

So we let her hold him for the next shot and she was happy but he still was not!

The children found a neat little crab they brought home and then someone little snapped this last shot of me unloading the suburban before the camera decided to never work again.

Although I kept it safe in the diaper bag during our trip that sand storm got sand everywhere and ruined the camera. We had hoped to be able to revive it but it never did and we didn't replace it until December which is partially why the blog went blank.  Not a good excuse but one of the reasons why.  I'm hoping to be more diligent this year, we shall see!
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