Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2013 Visit to Chick Fil A

This year I had an extra cow (well 2 I guess!) in my herd.  My youngest brother got to tag along with us and we had our own baby calf addition.

We had a busy day with a family reunion lunch in the morning.  Then we went to see Sister Judy in the hospital and then went to Target for some things.

The evening before I had stayed up late ironing black shirts and cow outfits.  I let a couple kids get double duty out of their black shirts and was just planning on switching the rest of everyone over when we changed at Target.

It wasn't until we were changing that I realized that I had left the rest of my black shirts at home!!!  Oh boo, or moo maybe.  ;)


The crazy 4 yr old cow! 

The cute 2 yr old cow. 

Uncow Rush with Coweb and Mercow. 

The Charis cow...

...and the newest little calf.
Who got the short end of the stick when it came to costumes.  :)

They had a fun day though and we took off our cow stuff and packed it away neatly for next year!

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