Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Julia's first week and a half ;)

I thought I would just post a few pics that I am enjoying from Julia's time with us. :)

This was her first diaper change the morning after she was born. She didn't mind that one at all, now, well that's a different story! But I love how you can see Caleb, Charis and Mercy all gathered around her. :)

Julia with her namesake. Y

A Sunday afternoon snooze with Daddy.

I thought they were so sweet looking at each other.

Sweet baby getting some sun through the window on her blanket from Gigi.

First car ride going to Wednesday night prayer meeting.

I love the booty in the air and the pouty lip. :)

Mercy cannot get enough of her, she is her buddy!

A toy Mercy brought her. :)

And last night I grabbed this shot. I was getting ready for bed and she was fussing, Charles started singing some scripture songs to her and she quieted down and was listening to him, so sweet. :)

Besides adjusting to a new baby things have been going fairly well. Had some high stress time last weekend which is very hard to have with an infant barely over a week. Got thrush which you know is painful and no fun but we are dealing with that and know that God will bring healing soon enough. Had a little scare yesterday with a blood clot in my varicose veins but my midwife was able to get me an appointment to have a sonogram done on my legs to rule out the possiblity of DVT which are the blood clots in the deep veins that can go to your heart/lungs/brain. God was very merciful that it is only one superficial blood clot in a place that is not too dangerous and we are working on getting it dissolved!
We hope that all of you are doing well and are enjoying your summer...until next time! :)


  1. her expressions are so cute. :)

  2. precious pictures!

    I had no idea your legs were giving you that much trouble. I hope all countinues to get better and I will keep you in prayer.

    I love the part about Charles singing to priceless.

    Love you!

  3. Sorry about all the stress and problems. I'm sure it's enough just to be adjusting to taking care of four littles and recovering. I hope you continue to get better. We'll be praying for you.
    I love all the pictures of little Julia. She is so adorable... and making me look forward to my little one even more. :)

  4. Sweet pictures of the new little girly! She's so adorable! Hope you continue to recover, and quickly!

  5. Oh my gracious, she's adorable! I am looking forward to visiting and catching up with you guys. :) And snuggling Julia!