Monday, April 6, 2009

Tagged :)

So, I was tagged to list 7 things I love... I think some of them take no thought...

1. I love the Lord and am so thankful for Jesus Christ and how he strengthens, guides and protects me and my family.

2. I love my husband! I am grateful for how he challenges me to grow (although I might not be so grateful during the time than after ;) )and how he consistently leads, loves and provides for his family.

3. I love my children. I can't imagine life without them and am grateful for each and everyone that God has seen fit to send our way! And I pray that He will continue to send us many more. :)

4. I love my family and am thankful to be close to them. I am grateful for their support and love the fellowship that we can have together. It is also special that my children can play with and enjoy time with their aunts and uncles. :)

5. I love baking and cooking and have so much fun trying and creating new things (especially desserts!) in the kitchen. I also derive great pleasure doing wedding cakes and such. So fun to be a part of such a special event.

6. I love sewing and now smocking as well. I enjoy clothing and such much better than other projects but I have a heap of stuff I need to finish right now!

7. I love babies, baby showers, births and birth stories. Everything about a new life is so exciting and it is such a blessing coming upon this Easter season knowing that Christ died and rose again that we might have new life in him!

I'm supposed to tag people but I don't have many I can...I'll "tag" Rebecah, Allie and Ruth Ann...if you read it and feel like doing it. :) RA, you can leave it in the comments section if you feel like it. :)


  1. Glad you did this! :)
    About the header... I create in picasa or photoshop with the writing already on the picture. Then when I put the picture just check for it to be instead of the title and description.
    I like you new preggo picture. You look great and are getting so close! I can't wait to see if you're having a boy or a girl, but for some reason I'm thinking you're having a boy, although I really have no idea, of course! :) Is Caleb really hoping for a boy?

  2. Alrighty, I'll do it for you. :) But, you're in for a long comment. Hope you don't mind. =)

    7 Things I Love:

    1. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and am so thankful for the work He has done, is doing and will do in my life. He is an amazing God and I cannot imagine life without Him. I could go on and on, but I am thankful for His patience, wondrous love, grace & mercy that He pours out on me. "Beneath the cross of Jesus my unworthy soul is won..."

    2. I love my family...and I know everybody else is saying this. :) But, I want to add to it, that I really love my 2 'oldest younger' sisters because we've enjoyed being together as we've gotten older, talking, playing & being together.

    3. I love photography! This is kinda obvious for those who know me. It's really fun to come up with various poses, think up new ideas, or tell a story in a brand new way.

    4. I love God's world, His creation, and how vast & beautiful it is. I see pictures and hear stories of faraway places, and am amazes to see the variety that He has placed on this earth, and the intricate detail He has placed in everything.

    5. I love music. I've always enjoyed popping in a CD and being so encouraged by the messages in these precious songs, but apart from that, I love to sit down and play the piano and play to God as I worship Him. It's a delight to sing those songs as from me to Him.

    6. I love the mighty and powerful stories of men & women of God who have gone on before us. They inspire me to stand up for God and live for the audience of One!

    7. I love my job, which includes: baking, cooking, sewing, being home, etc.

    And there you go. Happy day! :)