Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

Well, I'm a little bit upset right now but it's partly my fault. Caleb had our camera out going on 2 wks ago and I saw him with it and should have had him put it away right then but I was distracted. I told him to turn it off though since he was using it as a flashlight in my walk in closet. :P And so now I cannot find my camera, I know it has to be here somewhere I simply cannot find it though! How can someone not find a camera? Well, ours is a very small and slim (about 2"x 4.5") and it can hide very easily unfortunately!

So all that just to say I haven't been able to take pictures of the children like I would want to. :(

On Easter Sunday morning though, Ruth Ann was taking some photos of the Crane boys for Amelia. They are a hoot as you can tell! :)

I mean, isn't this great?!

So while she was out there I asked her if she could take a few pictures of the girls walking through the field behind church. The sunshine was just gorgeous and the grass was so green!

Just what I was envisioning...

Ruth Ann, put this verse of _Stepping in the Light_ on this picture. I love how it has mercy and grace mentioned in the words. :)

I, of course, put them in their matching smocked dresses, why not?! And they will probably be in them again for Mother's Day too. :) But is was sweet putting them in their little hats.

Sweet sisters

Run to momma!

Thank you Ruth Ann!


  1. :) you're so sweet Jenifer. You have two very cute girls! Sorry your camera is lost but I hope it is found soon. That can always be frustrating when you have no idea where it was and so you don't know where to begin looking...and life must continue to go on. Glad I was able to capture some of those memories for you.

    What I want to when are you going to wear some of your cute & beautiful maternity dresses? 'Member, there was the one you made 2 years ago around Mother's Day [to match your mom & sisters] and the other one you wore to Susan's wedding. Yeah....those are really beautiful and I've looked forward to see you in them! Hmm...thought I'd ask. =-)

    Talk to you soon!

  2. Well, I have worn the matching Mother's Day one once this pregnancy, I think it was back in Jan or Feb. It was a new pattern when I made it and it *ahem* is not one of my maternity dresses that fits until full term. ;) The one I wore to Susan's wedding is sitting/has been sitting on the mending pile. The neckline came apart and I haven't figured out how I am going to fix it with the decorative flowers right there.
    :( We shall see!

  3. oh I see.

    Those mending projects...I have quite a disliking for them, so I completely understand your predicament. I don't like buying clothes that have to be altered, fixed, mended to fit my likings, and neither do I like to fix something I've already made. I'd rather make something new than fix it... [sigh] Such is life.

    I just remember both of those being really pretty & springy and I liked them both. But as is the case with all do want to be comfortable in them, and probably more especially so when you're pregnant. =-)

  4. I love all these pictures. Ruth Ann did a great job. Charis and Mercy look like they're straight out of a story book. :) Did you smock their dresses? The dresses together with the hat look so cute.
    And the Crane boys.... I haven't seen them in so long. They're growing up so much and they look like lots of fun.

  5. Yes, Susan, these are the dresses I smocked for them at Christmas. I love hats anyway so it was very fun to put them in their little hats. The Crane boys are so much fun, my kiddos have many a good time with them. Happy Saturday! :)

  6. cute they are! :-) Hope you find your camera soon, I KNOW that can be upsetting....we have a small one too (big sheepish grin)