Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Growing up...

Where does the time go? On Sunday Mercy turned 18 months and I can't believe how fast our little girl is growing. I just went through some recent pics and pulled out some of my favorites of Mercy to share.

At a recent birthday blast she enjoyed playing the piano, being with Mommy and Daddy and playing with Papa and cousin Titus. :)

I love pictures of sleeping babies, Mercy thinks sunglasses are very cool and enjoys playing outside. :)

Smile! One morning she got up with her blanket and then just laid down in the hall, Charles had to take a picture of her. If you can't tell she is really into slides and loves them immensely, sitting with Charis at the zoo. :)

More slides and plenty of dirt at the picnic park area of the zoo, a smiley face while I was on the computer one day, outside watching a plane go by (which she loves as well) and enjoying the clover blossoms. :)

Sitting with Charis on the sofa during devotions "singing" from a book, really getting in to dancing to a song, lollipops and baby dolls are fun, and I am a big kid now and want to do everything C & C does...it can tire Mommy out. We were at our Science Museum and she wanted to make sure and do it all. :)

Mercy, our big baby girl with her (of course, unclad) "Mercy" doll as we call it on the way home from church. Let me just say car rides are very loud, she decides whether she wants to say Momma or Dadda and just kind says/sings it very loud the whole time! It is an area we are working on with her to sit quietly in the car. ;)


  1. Cute pictures of Mercy! She's so adorable. Yes, I know about the chatter and singing, sometimes you might think you are going to go crazy, but then I remind myself that one day I will wish I could hear their little voices in the background. They grow up so fast.

  2. Aww... she looks like such a sweetie! I love sleeping baby pictures too... they look so angelic and innocent.

  3. she is adorable! She looks so happy and sweet :-)