Monday, February 23, 2009


So I didn't do to great with my multi-tasking Friday night. I was making dinner and doing a couple other things at the same time (of course!). Well, it was tacos and I cooked the hard shells in the oven and then turned the oven off...but I did not remove the shells from the oven. Oops! :) They were not burnt beyond eating, in fact, they weren't black just a nice brown color. So Caleb at the dinner table pipes up and says, "Why do these things change color?" :) Well, it gave me and Charles a good laugh then and then later that night as we were going to bed Charles just starts dying laughing over the incident all over again and told me I had to post it on the blog. You would have had to have been there to have gotten the full effect but I'm sure we all have moments like these around our homes. Have a nice Monday...I'm off to clean my dirty house!


  1. I do things like this! At least it's nice when it's not 'overdone' and you can still salvage some or all of it. Caleb's response was funny. :)

  2. Well even funnier, when I made tacos for the first time I had NO idea you were supposed to even cook the shells lol. At dinner my husband was like, why are these so stale?! lol...we still crack up.

  3. haha! I think I do things like this on a regular basis. I seem to have about a million things on my mind at once, and somethings (like what I'm baking at the minute) fall through the cracks. heehee:-)