Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun Puppy Pics

So my brother Will, all alone by himself while my family is in SD, has really been enjoying giving the puppies some "Daddy time" as he calls it. ;)

Here is the runt, a little girl named Iris and the pig of the litter, a boy named Beric. He is almost double her size!

Look at his head size!

Emy put Ivy in a shoe...

and put Briton in a boot. :)

All the sweet girl puppies...

Who were much better behaved and cooperative than their brothers...

who wouldn't hold still for nothing...

...although they were still cute...

...Emy couldn't get them to quit moving.

They finally decided they liked sleeping on top big brother best. :)


  1. Those puppies look teeny tiny. Looks like y'all are having fun with them.
    Btw, I love your new family picture!!

  2. hey, I come on here randomly and there's a new picture! Where was that taken at? I like it in sepia. :) (ok, ok...I like sepia & b&w a whole lot anyway, but I think pictures of you and your family look really cute in sepia)

  3. I took it while we were at the zoo this week. I love sepia too. :)