Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A typical day at my house

This was a day at my house last week, it was quite typical of how life normally goes. :)

Here the baby saw that the cat had climbed under my sewing table so she decided to go after it and try and get the cat.

One night after dinner and devotions Charis promptly got down and picked up this exercise ball pump tube popped it in her mouth, plopped down on the floor and started wiggling on her belly.

That's right, she said she was scuba diving and she even found a shark's tooth they had previously dumped on the floor to boot!

Caleb had craft time, he loves inventing things. He said he made these teddy bears "masks" out of the tape. Charles and I about died laughing cause these poor bears looked like they were being held hostage by terrorists awaiting execution or something.

Well, thus ends my crazy post about life at my house which is pretty much crazy. ;)

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  1. fun pictures! That scuba diving one is so hilarious. :)

  2. Fun! Children's imaginations are wonderful. :)

  3. What wonderful imaginations your kids have! That's always nice!
    Love, Morganne;-)