Monday, October 13, 2008

My Baby Turned One

We celebrated end of the year birthdays a week ago and my baby was one of them...she is now a whole year! I had saved these birthday hats from Charis' 1st birthday, Rush remembered from pictures what people had done with the hats then and he wanted to re-enact it. :)

Actually, several people modeled the hats. ;)

Part of the fam,

More of the fam, tradition says birthday people have to sit on the couch. :)

The 4 year old cheesy smile!!

The 35 year old's refusal to smile. ;)

Daddy showing off his new shirts.

Emily made him his all time favorite, a yellow box cake mix with milk chocolate canister icing. It even had chocolate chips as decoration just to show how ancient he is...oops...did I say that? :)

Aunt Michele had a birthday, she liked her Neiman Marcus lamp!

I got a new light fixture for my dining room...yay!

Rush will be turning 7 and he got this medieval lego set, Caleb told me they were scary people. :)

Mercy's turn, the BIG 1, she enjoyed opening gifts.

She had lots of helpers too. (Timothy is getting tickled to death by my Dad)

Oooh, a new cup. :)

I love my new baby doll and bath toys...

What am I supposed to be doing???

Here is one of the little lego men, I thought they were pretty cool looking.

Yummmm homemade peanut butter ice cream. :)

Modeling my new dress Aunt Emily made me and my new riding/walking toy from Gigi.

I like it!

Daddy modeling his new clothes. ;)

Me & Amelia :)


  1. I can't believe your baby is already 1!!! Mercy is looking like such a big girl.
    I love all the pictures. I like how y'all do your birthdays together.... looks like alot of fun.
    I also like the picture of you and Amelia at the bottom. I miss all of you!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mercy!!

    Looks like y'all had a lot of fun at your birthday blast. :)

    Those lego men would be lots of fun to practice still life photography with!! :-)

  3. aw..cute pictures! We have so many birthdays in our families grouped so close we have joint parties a lot too. They are so much fun! :-)
    Happy Birthday to you and Mercy!