Friday, October 3, 2008

Check this out...

I have been following the blog of this family since about March, right before they had their 11th child. They are mid 30's, their oldest turns 12 on the 9th of this month and they are pregnant with #12 due the beginning of May! :) What a blessing and encouragement it is to read their blog! And on top of that they are missionaries to Mexico. Wow. :)

My purpose for this post, aside from sharing with everyone a place to go for edification, is to let you know about a ministry opportunity they are asking for people to participate in. They would like to see if anyone would like to put together a Christmas box for the children in their town. They will pass out the boxes they receive at Christmas and use it as a witnessing tool to spread the gospel. Jaynee, the wife, did post a few more specifics on the Christmas boxes here.

I went around the house and just gathered a few "practice" items to get an idea of what a box might weigh. It looked like roughly 1lb 4oz might be a good guess, then I went to USPS website and it shows that to mail a package of that weight to Mexico would roughly be $20 for International Priority which gets there in 6-10 business days or about $10 if you mailed it First Class Internationally. That is always the most economic way to mail things but it also takes the longest. So if that was the option of choice I would say to mail them within the next 2 weeks if choosing this method!

Anyhoo, even if you can't participate in the Christmas box ministry I know you'll enjoy reading this blog and who knows...some of you may already know them! :)

PS I've included some hyperlinks in this post to help you be able to check things out easier. I don't know why Blogger is keeping all the words the same color though. If you scroll over, "this family", "Christmas box", "here" & "Mexico" it will highlight the hyperlinks. Oh well, I've still got a lot to learn. ;)

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