Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mercy's Roommate

I was looking through some old pictures and I came across these that I had meant to share with a friend back when it happened. :)

Here's the story...When Mercy was a couple days old I needed to do something so I went and made sure to lay her somewhere safe, i.e. her bassinet, instead of on the bed where she could easily be "held". ;) Then a few minutes later I walked down the hallway to go to the children's room and as I passed my room I glanced through the doorway, I quickly did a double take since all I could see was these legs sticking out of the bassinet! As you can see below Charis had sought out the baby and decided she would like to lay beside her in the bassinet. :) Mercy wasn't bothered by it at all but from then on we made sure to be a little more careful and let the children know that they were really too big for the bassinet! ;)

What...who me???

You really think I'm too big???

I just thought she looked lonely... :)


  1. That is hilarious!!!
    I love Charis' sweet and innocent. Such sweet kids:-) I love how gentle they seem with her. ~Morganne

  2. that is too funny, and very cute. :)