Tuesday, March 4, 2008

50 Years

It has been hard to restrain myself from wanting to post really recent pictures but before anymore time elapses I wanted to post pictures from the special events of the past few months.
This one is the Pappas' Surprise 50th Wedding Anniversary Fellowship!
The couple now...
and then!
the food table

with the beautiful roses

a keepsake figurine for them, the plaque engraved at the bottom says,
"Celebrating a life of Sharing"

they were very surprised as we turned our annual Thanksgiving Fellowship dinner into the special time for them

everyone gathered round while my dad opened up our time together

the gift table with the collage frame Sister Judy did all by herself, not knowing that we wanted pictures of them to display for the event we were able to talk her into bringing it to church that day just to "show" us what she had done! hehe it was wonderful! :)

the cake table

50 precious years...

Ruth Ann and I did the cake together...it was fun!

cutting the cake...

Sister Judy is so cute in her hat...

feeding the bite...

not sure if after 50 years Brother Chris can do it any better ;)
But he still has that smile!!!


the newlyweds with (I believe) Brother Chris' mother and Sister Judy's parents

2 of Brother Chris' sisters were in town for a surprise 50th that the Pappas' sons had thrown for them the day before. It was a blessing to have them there as well.

After the fellowship we always have a sharing time centered on Thankfulness before the afternoon service
I'm just going to post a few pictures there were a lot more people who shared different songs and scriptures.
Our 2 who were not being so cooperative in front of everyone even though they had practiced.

Paige & Joy play a duet
Budding guitarists Robert

and Mark...great pictures btw ;)

And of course the Crane clan :)
And Brother Harding and his family were kind enough to come and share the afternoon service with us. Thank you!!!
I was bouncing a baby and wasn't able to take pictures of the event myself so all these were kindly donated by Ruth Ann. :)
And yes it did take me a week to put this post together as indicated by the fact it posted it with the date of last Tuesday!! Well, you know...life with children is rather busy. ;)


  1. awww, how sweet!! Even after all these months, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these pictures in chronological order. I really liked the way you cropped out the pictures of them when they were young. :)

    As I was looking at them...I was like "wow those pictures look awfully familiar!" Ah, the sweet memories. Thank you for taking the time to post them!

    Yea, it feels like really grand for my work to be *published*. Haha! I was glad to be able to let you use them. Hey, they haven't been used for anything else yet, so it looks neat!

    I wouldn't have noticed the date except you said. That just shows that you haven't posted in so very long. :-) But there has to be a way to get it to post the right date. If ever I see the insides of a blog I'll try to figure it out! You just had to write that not there so you would remember a year later that you posted the post 7 days later, right?

    So anyhow, I look forward to the debut of more pictures, far away as well as recent. Exciting, exciting...thanks for everything.

    Talk to you soon....
    this was a highlight to my day!
    Is this comment long enough?

    Luv U,
    Ruth Ann

  2. That looked like it was fun! Having 50 years of marriage under you belt is no small thing these days! I love the old pictures of them. I don't know the Pappas as well as I would like, but I always love hearing him preach, he has such a kind (yet at times FIERY!) way of speaking and teaching. Anyways, thanks for the pics!

  3. Oh, it was great seeing these pictures. I thought it was great that y'all were able to surprise Bro. and Mrs. Pappas. They are such a special couple.

  4. Jenifer,
    What a surprise to see pictures
    of our "special day". That was
    so sweet of you to share the
    pictures. You and Ruth Ann did
    a great job! We really appreciate
    all the work that went into this.
    Sister Judy