Monday, March 3, 2008

From Charis

So as I sat nursing Mercy this morning, Charis was trying to carry on a conversation.

C ~ "Mommy, the baby came out of your belly?"

J ~ "Yes Charis, she did."

C ~ "Are there any more babies in your belly?"

J ~ "No, not right now there aren't. Maybe later."

C ~ "Maybe later we have a new baby?"

J ~ "Yes Charis, maybe later. Would you like a new baby?"

C ~ "No, I'd like a new bed." :)

Which being interpreted is a couple of weeks ago we rearranged the children's room and I told Charis that when Mercy moved into her crib she would move into the trundle under Caleb's bed. So in the 2 year olds mind a new baby = a new bed since that is what she would get and that is what she seems to be interested in. ;)


  1. oh my - that is priceless!

    "no, I want a bed."
    wait a couple o' years and she'll be anxiously waiting for the next baby so she can be the 'mommy.'

    I miss having little ones around...that's so precious.

    ttyl...just me

  2. so cute!
    I remember a funny story about my sisters...Kate was about 4 and Olivia was the "baby" and Mom was pregnant and told Kate that "Mommy was going to have a new baby!" and she asked her if she wanted the new baby...Kate started crying stating "I don't want a new baby!! I want to keep Livie!"
    I thought that was hilarious! They say such cute things at those ages!

  3. What a precious story! I'd forgotten to check the blog- it was fun "catching up"!! 'Till next Mon!
    Allie O