Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm a sentimental pack rat...

I don't have access to Charis' 1st birthday pictures right now but the little party hats we wore at Julia's birthday were also worn at Charis' & Mercy's 1st birthdays. :)

Hey, they were leftover and still in good condition and we've happened to get a lot of fun use out of them, lol! ;)

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  1. is that packratishness, or is it resourcefulness??? I don't know that I would know where they were after several years, so that must mean you're organized as well. But I'd rate this more on the scale of being resourceful. I can't stand to buy stuff to throw away! You've surely gotten some good use out of them, and made good memories. =)

  2. Resourcefulness, I like that! ;)

  3. Yes, I think it's resourceful too. :) And you knew where to find them... that's what I'm impressed with. If I do keep something odd like that I put it in an odd place and can't find it when I need, but after I needed it.