Friday, August 20, 2010


I don't know what it is about me and loving to run in the rain but I do. I guess it is just an enjoyable childhood memory that I love to re-live. :)

Anyways, the other day we actually had a good rain withOUT thunder and lightening!
As soon as I realized this I gathered the kids and we all went outside, had a blast and got soaking wet! :)

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  1. Jenifer,

    I've missed your posts! I'm so thrilled to meet you here today!
    This post reminds me of the time when Mark encouraged Matt to join him for a walk in the rain. It wasn't lightning that day, so off they went. I wish I had captured the look on Matt's face at such an invitation.
    I wish I had captured them when they returned, and the huge smile Matt had on his face.
    Matt needed that lighthearted fun that day, and I'm sure if I, and the rest of us had joined them that afternoon, we too might've learned the great value of "Singing in the Rain".
    I surely need more of that these days, so thank you for the reminder/encouragement. I love the rain when I'm inside, especially when it's time for rest, and it's likely I'd learn to love it more if I'd allow myself to experience it's therapeutic massage!

    Thank you Sweet Friend,

  2. So fun! You're such a great mama...making such fun memories for your children! We made a fort in the living room today. :) What a joy to recreate moments that were so much fun for us when we were kids - not TOO long ago!

  3. I love the rain, and love walking in the rain myself. :) fun times!

  4. A girl after my own heart! I LOVE walking in the rain. There is something so cleansing and refreshing about it. I also quite enjoy the odd looks I get from passersby on the sidewalks down town as I walk along as though the rain wasn't there. I never did understand why rain was such an annoyance to people.

    I have no doubt that will turn out to be one of your children's fondest memories. No Mom was cooler than one who let her children play in the rain and make mudpies.


  5. Yay for you! You are such an awesome mommy:-) It's nice to see you having fun with your children....that's the things they will remember and cherish about you:-)