Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Visit

Sister Judy has been very ill lately and not able to be at church. A couple weeks ago we were able to take them dinner and have a time of fellowship together. We enjoyed getting to see her and she was actually having a good day. Since then the Lord has given her quite a few good days and she was even able to attend church twice (of course it was the 2 days we missed because we were sick!). We thank God and pray He will restore her to us fully, very soon.

Here are just a few photos from our time together. ♥

The children love playing the organ.

happy baby girl

playing with her daddy

all the kids on daddy :)



sweet silly children

Brother Chris showing Caleb their puzzle picture with the caption, "Everyone counts." because there is one missing piece. How true that when someone or even lots of someones are missing from the fellowship there is such a void, because everyone does count!


  1. Mrs. Pappas has been such a huge blessing in my life....all the way back when I was 14/15. =)

    How nice that y'all got to go and visit with her and Pastor Pappas for an evening; so special! Glad you had a good time.

    I remember years ago Pastor showing us that puzzle before he had it framed, and talking about framing it with that message. Then we got to see it on their wall, and I think it is so neat, and so true! That's a way to turn a frustration [missing puzzle piece] into a lesson! =)