Monday, May 17, 2010

Catch up from Christmas

So I went to post something and it reminded me of the fact that I never did put Christmas pictures up. That's me, absent minded to say the least. ;)

Christmas Day at my parent's house was such a nice time together. There is always good food, Mercy especially liked eating the chocolate peanut butter with her Papa. :)

Looking back just a few months later it makes you think about things like how it was our last Christmas with Grandpa and how we didn't know who Micah was yet. Life is so fleeting.

Charis got a gift from Gigi that she really really liked. She served everyone tea from her little tin tea set. We thought we'd try something different other than a plastic or a ceramic tea set this time. It's held up so far! Here are a bunch of cute choices if you were interested.

My family recieved some new scooters which my dad and sister decided to try out. Daddy thought he'd be funny and try and cheat by pushing Mandie out of the way...well, that didn't quite work...he completely wiped out on the driveway! At first we thought it was a joke but he really did! Then he tried to cover it up and say he didn't try and push her, thing is Mom had been videoing it and had caught it on tape by accident. ahahaha! ;D

We normally tend to hang around all day and later on in the evening while the guys were playing some games together the other folks watched a movie. Then we played a few games of Apples to Apples while eating some yummy pumpkin pie. My girls don't like pumpkin pie....not one tiny bit...j/k!

So thankful to be blessed with a family to spend the day with and Savior who was and is the reason for the celebration to begin with. ♥

~ December 25, 2009 ~


  1. First off, what cute and fun pictures! I love seeing them and the more pictures are always the better. Secondly, to get a closer look at one of the pics I clicked on it to hopefully enlarge....only (how is this for crazy internet?) it took me to the tea set on Amazon that you have displayed in the pictures! Idk if I should be impressed or nervous that the net is that smart. ;)

    Glad you had such a lovely Christmas!

  2. So I had to go check it out to see if I goofed! But when I just tried it you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it. I did put a link 2 lines above in the word "Here" that took people to the tea sets if they were interested. Try it again and see if you can see it. :)

  3. OK, so I didn't realize you were talking about the first picture. I only checked the tea set picture. Oops! Somehow the hyperlink got attached to the picture and I removed it but the picture won't enlarge. Hmmm, will have to see what's going on there...

  4. Ohhh that makes sense! I was like, MAN this internet thing is smart. ;)