Friday, February 5, 2010

Caleb is 6

On February 4th, 6 years ago a sweet baby boy joined our family.
We named him Caleb Michael Terrizzi. :)
You are mommy's little boy.
You have been my only boy for 6 years now.
You fill our house with laughter.
(Also with LOTS of spills - hence your nickname "Spill McCaleb".)
You fill our hearts with joy. ♥
We are truly blessed, Thank you Lord for our son.

Yesterday I tried to get some birthday shots of our special birthday boy.
6 years old! I can't believe it!




We had to get some pictures with his present from the Crane's!
It matched the shirt I had already planned on putting him in. :)
A - he LOVES it!
He found a stick. :)
This is my boy. ;)
Of course during his entire photo shoot he was a complete ham and did so many goofy faces I about died. His daddy taught him well. ;) I'll share some of the funny pics later on.
ANY feedback and thoughts on the pictures I would love!
Angles, textures, lines, colors?
Oh and S, I *have* to tell you this! Caleb wanted to try a jumping picture too and after we had done he looked at it on the screen but didn't say much. Later on we had the fam over for cake and ice cream. When E walked in he was showing her his truck from the Crane's and telling her how he had taken it outside to get pictures. And then he said, "Yeah, Aunt E, I jumped higher than the fence!!" LOL I just cracked up since he didn't realize it was the angle of the picture and he thought he had jumped higher than the fence, oh man, I was laughing so hard. :)


  1. These are so good... Caleb is a handsome little man. I love number 18, super cool angle with the tree. Josiah is in bed, but I'll have to show him Caleb jumping. :) That's pretty funny about the fence.
    Happy Birthday to Caleb...

  2. That is soo funny about the fence! He sure is cute, love his smile!

  3. six years fly by fast. maybe the next six will fly by faster.... {shrugs}

    love the cowboy boots. I want to find some!

    yellow is a *happy* color, and I like the ones with the concrete texture background. I like bricks and concrete and neat stuff like that. =)