Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're still here... :)

Hi Everyone, Sorry I have been neglecting the blog for the past few weeks. I have been hobbling around for a couple weeks now with a pinched nerve in my hip and it has been really bothering me and then last week I totally crashed with a bad cold that went straight into my lungs again. Boy, it was not fun but I am so grateful for the prayers of friends and for God's healing hand raising me up.

Now, we are waiting and waiting for our little bundle to arrive. We had had a day or two that we thought was going to be it so when they turned out not to be it just makes the waiting even harder! Charis was born late at night 6 days before her due date and Mercy was born early in the morning 5 days before her due date...today is 6 days till due date...could it be tonight or tomorrow morning?! I would love it to be!!! Caleb was 15 days early so that has come and gone long ago, the baby didn't get the memo that I had wanted an anniversary baby (our 6th anniversary was Sunday) so beyond tomorrow the rest is uncharted territory which I had hoped would remain uncharted but only time will tell and God knows the perfect day for this baby to come.

So, hopefully, my next post will be an announcement but to tide you over until then (I know you all must just be dying that I haven't posted in 2 1/2 wks...j/k) I thought I would leave you with a few recent pics.

Here is my sweet Caleb and Charis wearing matching outfits for her birthday, as you can see, my son is about as photogenic as his father and that was the best I could get him to smile! ;)

Mercy is our sweet little girl who LOVES to sing, all the time and anywhere. :)

A couple of pics of Charis with her doll cake that she requested for her birthday. As you can tell I didn't feel up to doing anything fancy, thankfully she is only 4 and didn't mind too much...besides it was chocolate cake! :)

And here is the progression from week 20, 24, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38 then 39 and still waiting....

Hope you all are doing well...until next time!
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  1. Jenifer,

    Praising the Lord with you as you wait on HIM.

    Jordan was 3 days late.
    Grace was 7 days late.
    Walker was 1 day late.
    Major & Hunter were 11 days early.
    Hope was 12 days late.
    Glory was 3 days late.
    Justice was 17 days late.
    Mercy was 7 days early.
    Promise was 7 days early.

    With the best of my ability to remember, this is what happened. That's not saying much, but this is... According to Isaiah 66 God will be faithful to bring forth what He puts in the womb. During the waiting God will give you fresh, life time insights from His Word and simultaneously He is preparing other hearts and lives to make His glory known through the birth of your next child.

    With Hope and Justice we 'surrendered' to the Lord's timing and the baby was born. With Justice, we cried out loud before the Lord with hands lifted high and within hours the Lord brought him forth.

    Prayers for you Jenifer and everyone involved. You are 'still here' and the Lord is already 'there'.

    Trusting Him with you,

    Whose mourning over the transition of Promise from the crib (we have used for 20 plus years) to a 'big bed' has been turned into great joy at the thought of using the spindles as banner supports to display His Word and His Name throughout our home. The boys finished cutting them out today and I rejoice at the reminder of the tools God gives us to help us. That precious to me crib (which could no longer be safe for another child) was far too valuable of a reminder of His goodness to us to be tossed in the trash. It now has on-going purpose to remind us of JESUS, the Abundant Life Giver!

  2. I'm guilty of blog stalking and facebook status stalking you. I'm excited about this new little bundle...praying for you this morning.

    Ps. your children are (as always) adorable!!

  3. hey Jenifer,
    I've been wondering how things were going for you. I've wanted to email, so if you have a moment and you can send me your email that would be great. :)
    Glad to hear y'all are still doing well. It looks like Charis enjoyed her birthday. She's getting so grown up.
    I've been thinking about your time getting closer and expecting to hear something any day! Praying for you and that it will be soon for your sake. I'm sure it's not fun to go this long when you haven't before.
    Take care!

  4. Loved all the pics of the children. They are all so cute, and by the way my boys have the same orange striped shirt that Caleb has on! Look forward to hearing of your little one's arrival!