Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I did this 25 Random Things list for my facebook page but thought I would post it here. Since typing it up I've thought of quite a few other random things about me but you probably don't want to know that much about me. :)

1) I am 5' 8" in case you were wondering...

2) Since I have had children I am addicted to chocolate, it wasn't like that before.

3) I love to wear hats.

4) I love to bake! Experimenting, making things I see in pictures and changing them to organic is a favorite past time.

5) I love to sew, all sorts of things.

6) I love making wedding cakes. Each one is unique and fun!

7) I play the flute and piano but not very well.

8) I love listening to my husband play his trumpet.

9) I am the only blue eyed child in my family. But all my children have blue eyes, it helps their Daddy has blue eyes too.

10) I think I have ugly feet.

11) I hardly ever wear flip flops, partially because the aforementioned comment.

12) I love shoes and have way too many pairs but I do make sure to wear all of them and I have been a good girl and have not bought myself a new pair in almost a year.

13) I love having friends over for dinner or going over for dinner.

14) I freaked out when my husband had me drive the company box truck somewhere but then it didn't turn out to be as bad as I had feared.

15) I think I would cry if I was ever pulled over by a policeman.

16) When I am not pregnant I still consider myself overweight.

17) I can't stand the way my husband reads news stories, watches youtube clips or movies. I am grateful we don't have TV or he would be a channel surfer and it would drive me nuts!

18) Even if it's a stupid news story or movie I have to see the whole thing, I can't watch just part of it. I have gotten better though where I don't have to see the whole thing at once .

19) Blue is my favorite color.

20) I have had all my children at home and hope to have many more.

21) With the Lord's strength I hope to greatly improve in the wife and mothering department where I am lacking so much.

22) The Air Force Base where I was born in Homestead, FL was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

23) Everything about dogs is stinky, dirty, yucky, etc. Multiple that by my 115lb menstrating English Mastiff and you get how I feel. I "love" her because I know she is such good protection but cats are so much cleaner. :)

24) I have worn contacts for 14 years and glasses for another 4 before that.

25) I think it would be neat to have twins (shhh don't tell Sharon) I don't how that would work out. My parents didn't have any and they were the generation that should have had them since my grandmother is a twin.


  1. twins would be fun. :) Why, is Sharon scared of them?

    I don't like cats or dogs, so... Well you have both so you can have that opinion. I guess I have good reasons to be happy Laddie is a male.

  2. oh well, yeah. I guess male dogs have their own 'yucky' stuff. Reason why I'm not fond of them.

    I was walking outside today with my camera and Laddie came bounding toward me and I'm glad I got it out of his way cause he pounced up on me. Sarah was like "I never saw that coming..."

  3. Homebirthing twins in FL is illegal...it would have to be and oops accidentally didn't make it to the hospital situation if you get what I mean? :) I'd rather do no animals but choosing between the two cats are better, totally worthless but so luch less maintenance and smell and mess etc.

  4. oh I get it. I had no idea that having twins was illegal in Florida. That's very interesting. So you'd basically have to wait till the babies were almost born before you called the midwife. :)

  5. This was fun to read Jenifer... we actually have a few things in common that you probably don't even realize. :) Anyways, it looked like so much fun I'll have to do it sometime.

  6. haha...love the comment about the "totally couldn't make it to the hospital". My Mom was always tempted to do that when they told her she couldn't have her babies at home. You being overweight is ridiculous btw. You always look so slim and beautiful! :-) I understand the feeling though, it is hard to feel your post-baby body is the one your gonna have forever;-) heeehee

  7. I loved reading your 25 different things, and it helps me learm more about you!