Saturday, November 29, 2008

Unusual Thanksgiving Documentation ;)

So I woke up Thanksgiving morning and pretty much the first words out of my 4 year olds mouth were, "Mommy, I want to take pictures at Aunt Michele's house today." I thought, well, that would be really interesting memories. So I decided to let him have a try at it. As soon as he was done with his food he ran up to me asking for the camera. So I gave it to him and he got to work. I think Aunt Dee, GiGi, and Grandpa Smith were the fortunate ones to escape his enthusiasm and as for the others, well, what kind of faces would you make at the camera if a 4 year old was the photographer? You'll see.... ;)

Brother Robert

Poor Aunt Michele, he took 2 of her and she had her eyes closed in both.

Beloved Daddy

Uncle Tom sure is tall...

Aunt Cee with Titus

The Nama

The Sister

Aunt Emily (who thought he had NOT gotten her head in the shot ;) )

Uncle Will, who got quite a few flashes right in his eyes and got pretty tired of it :)

Uncle Charles, returning the favor

Aunt Meg Peg Fuzzyhead

Uncle Robbie...nice

Aunt Rosie I really related to these people? ;)

The Papa

His only picture of Rutt Bone was of him on my aunt's karaoke player...let me tell you it was an interesting *sounding* Thanksgiving. :)

My lovely snapshot

Self-portrait with dessert all over his face

He even took a picture of his favorite...the lemon meringue pie

Titus was of course, a person of interest this Thanksgiving. I was holding him and Mercy saw me and she motioned to me to bring that baby here I want to hold him look.

So I took him over and let her hold him, boy was she happy, but then...

Charis wanted to hold him too and so I went to give her a turn and Mercy became very upset :)

After lunch and dessert we all watched an old black and white movie called _You Can't Take It With You_ and Mercy kind crashed on the sofa between us.

She said a nap sounded like a better idea :)

After that my aunt had all the children decorate her miniature Christmas tree. They had a blast and I thought that it would be a really cute opportunity to get a few shots of my 3 in front of a Christmas tree that was more their size.

Ha! That was a funny idea... :)

Yeah, these are my sisters...

And the baby who would not stand or sit still

My little monkeys...or should I say turkeys? We hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. aw...what cuties! Looks like y'all had a fun filled Thanksgiving! :-)

  2. Well, it sure looks like Caleb had alot of fun taking pictures. :)