Monday, November 3, 2008

Our visit to the Maritime Museum

About a month we were going to go to our Museum of Science and History. But when pulling into the parking lot and seeing 4 bus loads of school kids were there already we had second thoughts. So we decided to walk along the river for awhile and then I remembered this museum I had gone to probably 13 years ago. It is right on the river, it was free, and no one was there...very nice. :)

This older gentlemen reminded me so much of my grandfather that passed away last year. He used to be captain of a ship and was a very nice tour guide.

Wish this had turned out better but I was juggling Mercy in the other hand. They had really neat models everywhere.

Looking at some sort of fishing device with a crab. :)

This instrument is used to tell you if you are "level" in the water. If the ship was tossing to and fro it would show you the degree of which it was tilting.

The Titantic is near the wall in this pic.

Charis & Mercy loved stuff being down low where they could see. :)

This was really neat, it was lifting the same 30lb block with different block and tackle's. I believe the more tackle's you have running through the block makes the load easier to lift. Caleb could hardly get the first one off the ground.

The second one he did surprisingly well but on the third one he could do it with one hand. Neat!

Heave Ho!

Even Charis could do it. :)

A huge replica of an aircraft carrier.

Here we posed at a "helm".

Caleb grabbed hold of it and lifted Charis off the ground! It was rather humorous. :)

Anyhoo, we had a nice trip and this post has actually been sitting waiting for me to publish it for about a month now...I know...I haven't been very faithful to my blog lately, sorry! ;)


  1. fun! :) That last picture is quite hilarious!

  2. Looks like a neat place. I can't believe Mercy is just walking around like that now! She's gotten so grown up.

  3. Susan, I can't believe how big she is either. She runs through the house now, she is very active and wants to do everything the big kids do! :)

  4. looks like y'all had fun! Your family is adorable! Love,