Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going to the Fair

A couple weekends ago we went to the Clay County Agricultural Fair. And in my own words, "the fun is a fair place to be!" Well, I was giving the children the "talk" before we went in about safety and staying close and I meant to say, "the fair is a fun place to be!" Charles just enjoys laughing at me. :)

I had been years ago with my family and had really wanted to take the children, it was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time.

Here Caleb is trying out the vintage fire truck at the front entrance.

Taking his sister for a drive...Charis was saying, "this black seat is hot on my legs!"

Can you guess who these people are? This was when I went to the fair with my family and we sat on the old fire truck! Go Daddy, love those glasses. ;) And he is holding Margaret, we went 11 years ago...wow.

Yikes! Me and Robert. :) A - look how old that jumper is!

Mercy was hanging out in the stroller while C & C rode the fire truck, she's like, "We're having a great time!"
Trying out some big equipment.

Charles with his sweet little girl.

Who are these guys at the petting zoo?!

Poultry then...

and poultry now!

The children were fascinated and enjoyed seeing the ones that had laid eggs.


...wow, BIG cows, I mean bulls.

There were lots of rabbits but I didn't get a picture of them.

After looking at all the livestock we went to the exhibition halls. We recently have been studying the honey bee and C & C really enjoy the Moody Science DVD on the subject. A man had a booth with sample hives, the spinner contraption for getting the honey out of the frames, and other pictures and accessories. It was really neat!

They had all kinds of plants and flowers there for judging, this orchid was pretty.

Fun quilts.
A very detailed wood carving.

I just had to take a picture of this cake since I had just bought the pan on clearance at Wal-Mart! Caleb has been asking for months to be able to ride a horse so we splurged and let C & C do the pony ride. Caleb has a cute smirky face on, he really enjoyed himself and wanted to ride each one!
Charis had fun she just didn't want Charles to let go of her hand. :)

Mercy said, "Forget the ponies, I'm gonna grab me a cat nap!"

For the Cwane boys! We took this picture especially for you. :)

I was there too...

We were in little boy heaven!
Oh, I almost forgot the pigs. As you can tell by the snout, these guys were big. ;)

This guy was drinking out of his spicket, it was neat.

A shot of Mommy with the kiddoes...

and Daddy with the kiddoes.

Sweet sisters.

They have other booths that people are advertising things and they had a Gideon Bible booth. When we walked past Charis realized what they were and yelled out, "BIBLES!!!" They were orange which is C & C's favorite color and the gentleman running the booth gave them each one. As you can see from the pic, it is very treasured, she didn't want to let go of it!

We had a wonderful morning and I enjoyed all the pictures so that's why I had a hard time trying to pick and ended up posting most of them. :)
Plus the fact that I *finally* figured out that you can post 5 pics at a time . Yes, previously I have been putting 1 pic at a time on each post. And yes, I am an idiot but there is hope! ;)


  1. It looks like you guys had a great time! I love the fair too! Can't wait to take Danny to one.

  2. Fun! I love all of the pictures!! Especially the "old" ones. *grin* I was looking at it and was like "that doesn't look like a Smith" then I realized that those were Brennans in there too! Wow, it probably took a little time for you to scan all of the pictures you did.

    The cake is really, really cute. Although I cannot imagine having to do all that detail the day I was so sick making that cake. So I'm glad I opted out that time. :) God knew even though I didn't know the full extent.

    That's neat that y'all got to see the bee guy, and the Bible story is so cute...it looks like she sure does love that Bible! That is so sweet. How many 2-year olds would treasure a Bible like that? That's such a blessing to me!!

    Mercy is so cute and looks like she was having a blast too! I was just commenting the other day how she is really getting her own personality, instead of "just being a baby" anymore..she's so cute and has the most beautiful eyes & cutest smile. Yea, I guess I am a bit biased, even if it is my friend's baby girl. :) I like Caleb's outlook "when Mercy grows up you can have a boy baby." Again...and I *have* to say it - how many 4-year old boys would even talk about having a baby brother or sister?? It's just so sweet!!

    I love the pics of you & Charles each with all the children...so sweet!!

    Well, I really, really enjoyed this post, if you can't tell. :) It was a lot of fun with all the pictures. (and btw, to be exact, I counted all the pics, and it was 35...more than the *5* you had previously stated) Hey wait a minute...talk about only posting 1 pic a post previously? That's not true! Remember the one for Pastor & Mrs. Pappas? That was a whole bunch of pictures you did then.

    Okay Jeni, is this comment long enough? Maybe I should have written an email instead. At this point blogger really doesn't like me because it kept doing weird things while I was typing. But maybe if you read this comment...haha! Well, would you rather me:

    1. be "me" and post longer comments like this when I want to?

    2. be short, sweet, simple & to the point.


    3. not comment at all.


    Love you!!! See you tomorrow evening Lord willing.

    Ruth Ann

  3. It was so great to read and look at your pictures. You had me laughing! Especially that first part, I actually read it a couple times, because I thought I was missing something but then once I read down the next couple sentences that explained it. Sounds just like something I'd do. Anyways, it looks like y'all had alot of fun and I loved all the pics!

  4. Cute pics, and the older pictures remind me of when we first met y'all : ) We got to take the boys to the Levy County Fair the end of last year, and they loved it too!