Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Family Reunion

Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I am a member of the delinquent bloggers club, and it doesn't look like it will be getting any better, at least in the near future. :)

So, about a month ago we had attended a family reunion, well, let me rephrase that. We went to a social gathering with our blood relations. You might know, the kind where 8 out of 10 coolers were beer? You get the picture.

As we sat there the highlight of the trip ended up being when my grandfather's cousin (who is my dad's age) came up and asked us if we wanted to go see the horses. What fun we had!

Here are two of the beautiful horses, the chestnut one's name is Rusty but I can't remember the bay's name.

They also had a miniature donkey. His name is Otis, isn't he cute? The story behind him is: my dad's cousins, a brother and a sister, live next door to each other and the brother wanted to get something to irritate his sister. So when his friend was trying to give away this annoying donkey he took it. Instead of braying night and day like it used to it only makes noise if something comes near the horses. Which IS a good thing, just humorous as it seems his evil deed backfired!

This guy's name is Tigger, he is a retired world champion jumper.

Caleb and Charis enjoyed getting to feed him.

We took over the leftover veggie tray from lunch. At first he ate everything, the baby carrots, celery, gave us a little bit of a hard time over the broccoli but the funny thing was the grape tomatoes. At first we thought he had dropped it when we were feeding it to him but when we gave it back to him he promptly SPIT IT OUT!!!

After his owner brought out the big carrots, he wouldn't eat anything but those. :)

Such a beautiful piece of property down in Switzerland.

PS Ruth Ann, I figured out how to make it show when I actually posted it, not when I first started formulating the post. Which was 3/29 btw!


  1. fun fun!! thanks for (finally) posting. ::grin::
    Oh and great job on figuring that out!! Way to're on your way to become a great blogger! (what do I know?) So, the pictures are neat, and you have a great story line. I love pictures. See you tonight, Lord willing. (which means I better hop on to dinner!)

    ~ Ruth Ann

  2. the horses are pretty! It looked like you had a good time with them. The only experience we've had so far with horses was when we went horseback riding (Daniel,Danny and I) and Danny fell asleep about half way through. It was hilarious!

  3. On a side note - you can't really see from the pictures but Charis had an orange bow in her hair that day. I didn't see it but Charles said when the horse was looking for more carrots he started nibbling on her bow!