Thursday, July 26, 2012

My little herd

After having missed Chick Fil A's Cow Appreciation Day last year due to being sick the kiddos were even more excited to get to dress up like cows and go this year.

On the rare occasions we go I 
1) always go through the drive thru
2) by a few things to split up amongst everyone

My little herd was thrilled that we
1) went inside to eat
2) got their own food
3) got to play in the play area!

Simple things but it was special to see them enjoying themselves so much.
And I tried to make their outfits such where they can where them next year as well.  
Hopefully all the prep work is done.  :)

And this adorable little cow went to greet his daddy when he got home from work that evening.
This was after a nap, as you can see in the above picture that he was a grumpy cow before his nap.  ;)


  1. Fun times!!! Chick-fil-A is one place I don't mind going with all the kiddos by myself (normally when Tj is gone on a trip) because they always offer to bring everything to my table, which is really helpful with a bunch of little kiddos. And then they get to play and use up lots of energy so they'll come home and sleep good for me. :) But yes, getting their own meal is a really special deal!

  2. Love it! We went this year too and had such a fun time :-)