Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Planning a trip & Christmas Cards!

Hi there Everyone,

For a while there our camera got misplaced. It is now found for which I am very thankful but I just didn't post since I didn't have new pictures to go along with it. :)

As the title implies we are planning a trip, to Pennsylvania to see Charles family! The last time we went up there Caleb was 6 months old so it has been a while. The children are hoping to get to see some snow while we are up there but we'll see. I told them to pray hard since we'll be there the end of Nov/beginning of Dec which isn't the most common time for snow. So if you didn't mind joining us in that "silly" prayer request cause Mercy really wants to build a "towman" as she calls him. ;)

Next on the docket is Christmas Cards! I love sending them out this year but was trying to figure out how I was going to do this when we were on a trip. I had considered gathering supplies to have a work in the car project but then I never seem to get things done well in the car and I have to worry about them getting messed up. So I was very excited when I saw this offer for 50 free cards for Bloggers on not one but 3 blogs I read!

I have used Shutterfly in the past and most recently for having some hard and soft cover books printed. I love the way they turned out. I really, really enjoy sending out picture cards at Christmas. I keep all the photos I receive each year on my fridge so I am excited to send out photo cards again this year thanks to Shutterfly. :)

I am hoping that we will have a photo from our trip that I will be able to use for our cards but since I have no idea what that picture will be I am having a hard time deciding on a design! I have a hard time even when I do know. ;) But these are some ones I was attracted to:

Snowfall Flurry Christmas

Which is interesting because I'm not normally a red person, maybe it's the oval. :)

Simple, cute and y'all know I love brown!

Snowflake Wishes Noir Holiday

This one was crisp clean and different to me, they also had it in other colors.

This one might be my favorite (again brown, is that surprising?!)

Was another neat looking one, I tend to gravitate towards blue Christmas stuff but it can be hard to find a Merry Christmas blue card, they normally stick Happy Holidays or something on it. But this one has snowflakes which is another thing I really enjoy. :)

So why don't you hop on over and browse around their Christmas cards to see if you see something you like! If I really wanted/could splurge this folded card is absolutely gorgeous. :)

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  1. Have missed you here, but am happy to see you're back! Such a creative post! :)

    I pray you are feeling well these days.

    Will pray your travels are safe as you leave to visit Charles' family!
    We enjoyed having him in our home last week, along with Mark B.
    You know it's not often a family anticipates a service call...fortunately there were no repairs to take care of.
    We're happy with their work! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving,