Friday, October 1, 2010


We have been doing fairly well staying on our school schedule this year.
We've made it one month, whoo hoo! ;)

And even in that short month Caleb's reading skills have greatly improved and it is very encouraging.

Charis I have found to be an extreme perfectionist and she doesn't want to try something new if she's thinks she can't do well at it. (I wonder where she got that from?) Her coloring skills have amazed us all as she get down to shading and everything.

Mercy is loud, and busy and trying to keep her occupied during school is a challenge! :D

Julia sleeps for part of school (yay!) but with her shortening morning naps she inevitably wakes before we are done. I have to keep an eye on her as she eats crayons, marker tops and pencil erasers EVERY second I turn around!

School is a very busy time around here. :)

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  1. So fun to see pictures of y'all doing school. It is so encouraging to see when the reading "clicks". Julia is so cute, btw!! Well, all your children are, but just love that expression on her face. :)