Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An unexpected visitor

It was a Sunday night after church, not too long ago.
I know it might sound a bit strange but occasionally I will swap jobs with Charles and I'll take out the trash while he gets the kiddos ready for bed.
A little peace and quiet alone outside now and then does a body good. ;)
But this night as I was heading back for another load of cans I saw something glisten by the shine of the street light we have on our property.
Upon closer inspection I came upon this enormous spider web that had not been there when we left for the evening service.
I apologize for the fact my camera doesn't do well at night, I changed some of the pictures to black & white to try and make the web more visible.
It was at least 4' x 5' big.

It stretched from our pear tree to Charles work sprinter, a distance of almost 20'!
(enlarge this one for a closer look)

I still haven't been able to identify what kind of critter he was.

Of course Charles insisted we bring the kiddos out,
it's not everyday you see something quite this neat. :)

It left quite a big dab of stuff for stability on his truck.
Can you see it?

He was a creamy colored fellow with some orange markings on his underside.

Sorry if I wore you out with spider pictures
but we thought it was a pretty neat experience.
The next morning it was all gone and we haven't seen him (or her) since. :)

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  1. Ha, I'll have to show this to Josiah... he'll find it very neat and interesting!